Yes, some roses are red,
   yet in a week, those flowers are dead.
For a kiss that says it all,
   give blooms that will always stand tall.

In your hands is a gift from thee;

a blossom that always will be… Still Blooming.

Valentine's Star Bloom

The flower filled Still Blooming studio is open for Valentine’s Day Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:30PM until, well until the lights turn out.  Give me a call to make an appointment or if you are in the area drop by after 3:30PM. 412-216-1739.

201 N. Braddock Ave in Point Breeze 15208.

If you would like to come on Thursday you will need to let me know in advance.

The entrance to the building is on Thomas Avenue right off Braddock and two streets up from Penn Ave.  The parking lot is lit.

 Happy Valentine’s Day to all you sweethearts.

Swirling Valentine Bloom


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