Touch Base

~  Still Blooming  ~    412-216-1739

As of January 2016 my studio in Point Breeze, Pittsburgh, has been transplanted. I am currently located in Verona, 15147. As always, you are welcome to stop by to see what’s blooming. My home and garden would delight in your company! Remember, that we are all Still Blooming.

All contact information remains the same.



Studio ~

201 N. Braddock Avenue,  Studio #319,  Pittsburgh, PA 15208   (Point Breeze)

My studio time is unpredictable though I tend to be there daily from late afternoon into the evening. Weekends find me there once my morning coffee has kicked in. You are welcome to stop by to see what’s blooming.  My time is flexible and I welcome appointments.  If you are out and about and looking for a studio drop-by, please email, text or call me to confirm that I am there.

I look forward to sharing my Blooming studio with you.

Until then,

Tina Marie

This is a photo taken before. Come on by to see the after shot!


2 responses to “Touch Base

  • Amy Korb

    Hi there, I would like to purchase one of your pieces. Are you doing a show any time soon.

  • Paula Stern

    Met you at the art fair on 5th avenue in pittsburgh, pa in september 2011. Would love to be on an email list or be able to see your art again somewhere – i live in south florida
    Paula Stern

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