The Fine Print

The Fine Print ~

The blooms are multi-layered, each layer having different temperaments. There is china and glass from the 1920’s forward and hand forged aluminum dating from the 1950’s. The pieces originate from around the world.

Not all pieces are suited to the outdoor life. Those that are hand painted or extremely delicate should be planted under protected cover or inside your home or office. I recommend bringing your blooms in for the winter or during severe weather. All garden hardware is stainless steel and copper. The copper will patina beautifully and will blend with whatever is growing around it. There are two different epoxies used in creating the blooms, both withstanding extreme temperatures. The epoxies used are not food safe.

Under the prescribed environment and conditions noted above, I stand by these blooms and will repair or replace any damaged bloom caused by the failure of either epoxy.

mail to:    412-216-1739


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