Custom Blooms

~  Heirloom Bloom  ~

Celebrate your roots by planting a piece of your heritage. Perhaps you have a special piece from your grandmother’s china cupboard. I will create an Heirloom Bloom for you featuring the special item. Now you will be able to surround yourself with a bit of family history and tradition without waiting for a holiday table to be set!
Preserve your memories.
Go ahead and plant your family treasures.
Plant an Heirloom Bloom.

~  Bridal Blooms  ~

Present the bride and groom with an extraordinary gift, a Bridal Bloom.
A unique flower will be created for them using a piece of the couple’s wedding china. Help them plant a garden in their hearts beginning with a Bridal Bloom.

You can also combine a piece of china or even every day dishes from both the bride and groom’s family to meld into a New Beginnings Bloom.

~  Fleur de Fun  ~

Is there a pattern of china out there that you absolutely love but just know that you couldn’t set an entire table with that pattern? What about a plate that is full of the color that makes you laugh inside? I can help that piece blossom into a flower just for you that will make you light up every time you pass it by.
Plant a smile in your heart.
Plant a Fleur de Fun.

Tina marie Goff
~  Still Blooming  ~


2 responses to “Custom Blooms

  • Heather DeLuca

    what do you charge for a custome heirloom bloom?

    • Still Blooming

      Hi Heather. There is no set price for a custom bloom. It is dependent upon what is requested, etc. If you are bringing in your own pieces and do not need a lot of extras then the price is around $25. I will always confirm a price before going forward so that you would know what the charges would be.

      If you are around Shadyside this weekend, drop by Mellon Park for A Fair in the Park. I’ll be there, Booth 93, and we can talk!


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