~ Still Blooming ~

An unexpected crop sprouted from the time spent creating my gardens in 2010. I set out in early spring with an abundance of hope that my yard would turn into gardens. I was seeking the organized chaos that welcomes a fluid structure, graceful and wild alike, mingling without the adopted airs that prohibit daydreams. I hoped that my garden would remind me to honor the changes that come with the seasons, that the seeds sown would loan me some of their strength to keep growing and that the perennials would continue to come back year after year becoming more convinced of who they are and reinforcing in me the possibilities that come with time. All this I expected from a garden. And yet it was the bounty of an art harvest that surprised me.

The desire for a never-ending flowering season yielded the perpetual blooms from fine china, aluminum, crystal and glassware with the subtle and bold hybridizing, creating a new plant genus, the crop from Still Blooming. Let these flowers take root in your spring and summer garden or bloom year round in your home and office hung on walls or gracing your table. The winter is on our heels!
These flowers will warm the cold days ahead and remind you that
the spring thaw will come!






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