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Still Blooming is Being Transplanted!



Still Blooming is being transplanted! For oh-so-many reasons, I am closing my studio in Point Breeze. I will still be growing blooms though my current plans for showings are still up in the air. I am studying for my licensing board exams in Counseling Psychology and hopefully, working full time as a mental health therapist!

So….I thought I would have the final harvesting of 2015 and sell the blooms, some newly grown, at 35% off. (I need to pay for those Board Exams!) I will be in my studio packing up until January 2nd. You are welcomed any time, day or night. Please call first to make sure I am not ignoring the task at hand! (Prices after 35% discount $17 – $45.50)

201 N. Braddock Ave. Pittsburgh 15208  412 216 1739
New blooms being cultivated are still in the greenhouse. They include hard-wired lighting, sconces and ceiling lights and tabletop fountains.

Remember, too, that you may always request a custom bloom. They are unique gifts; Bridal Blooms, Heirloom Blooms, Fleur-de-Fun, and more!


Thank you for a great year. 2016 is on our heels and I do believe it will be Still Blooming!

Tina Marie Goff ~



Blooming All Fall

Seuss Bloom
The Neighborhood Flea
Sunday, 9/28/14
9am – 2pm
2300 Penn Ave (In the Strip across from Marty’s Market)

Plein Air Mt. Lebanon Artist’s Market
Saturday – Sunday, 10/11 – 1/12
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm
Academy Avenue Parking Lot
Uptown Mt. Lebanon (behind the PNC Bank on Washington Rd)

Amber-Kissed BloomMay 15th is the last frost date in Western Pennsylvania. This means Mother Nature has theoretically ended the freezing air temperatures and that the ground is now ready to welcome newly sown seeds and their new shoots. However some seeds may rot in the too wet ground and the flowers to follow may themselves wilt and fry in the hot summer sun or drying winds. The glass and metal blooms from Still Blooming will not fall prey to the soggy clay soils of this region nor the humid and intense August heat that is bound to catch up to us. The blooms will hold their color through Autumn and beyond. And remember, no watering! What more could we ask of our gardens than never-ending color that will always be Still Blooming.

Butler Spring Home and Garden Show  – Alameda Park Butler  

May 17 – 9am – 4pm

Beachwood-Lyndhurst Art Festival Legacy Village – Cleveland, OH

Show Dates: 5/31/14 – 6/1/14

Three Rivers Arts Festival 2014 – Penn Ave. Booth 123 Pittsburgh, PA

Show Dates: 6/6/14 -6/7/14

Butler Garden Club Summer Garden Party Butler Country Club

June 19 – 9:30am

SouthSide Works Exposed – South Side Works, Pittsburgh PA

Show Dates: 7/11- 7/13

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Blooms are Popping Up All Over

Tree buds all along the branches, ferns beginning to unfurl their furry copper-colored glory, and the Hostas and Bleeding Heart determined to be the first in the garden are lagging a bit behind the crocuses. I haven’t the heart to tell them that the Crocuses and Snow Drops unabashedly welcomed Spring during the last week in March without a care in the world.  Right along side of the purples, yellows, and whites grow the flowers from Still Blooming. You can plant your blooms in your best duds and you won’t get dirty. No watering-in the blooms is necessary and no matter how many times you may change your mind where to grow your blooms they will never suffer root rot or stress! It is time to plant a garden of delights that are carefree and graced with never-ending color. Come harvest the newest crop of blooms at one of the Garden or Art Shows to come. And remember that you can always walk through the garden planted in my studio ablaze with color.

Fire Bloom

Garden and Landscape Symposium of Western Pennsylvania

Saturday, April 12, 2014

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

Shady Side Academy

423 Fox Chapel Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15238




Simplify. Prioritize. Treasure.

Copper Sea Bloom

Some years the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day seem to snow ball and continue rolling faster and faster and then, all of a sudden the holiday season stops. And sometimes I emerge asking myself, “Where did all the time go? Where did all the days go?”

Treasure the season celebrating the bounty of old and new friends and family and arrive at the start of the New Year grateful for the love and friendship shared and exhilarated by the laughter and the promises to move forward.

Prioritize by making your time full of whatever warmth you and your loved ones want and need. And then, share it.

Simplify. For many, gift giving is a large part of sharing his or her love with others. Hostess gifts, Secret Santas, and teacher’s gifts need not be a challenge. Give a unique bloom that will be Still Blooming throughout the year. Stuff a Christmas stocking with a Gift Certificate for a Blooming Experience. The recipient and any that want to join them can come to my studio and select a bloom already grown or they may grow their gown by gathering a favorite ‘seed’ amongst the colored glass and I will grow a bloom just for them.

I will be in my studio throughout the balance of December welcoming any and all. All blooms will be 15% off and if you are paying with cash or check take an extra 10% off. That’s 25% off during December. Aren’t plant sales wonderful?

Give me a call or text me, 412-216-1739.

I wish each of you a winter season full of love and light. And remember, each of us is Still Blooming and I hope we never stop!


Tina Marie Goff

A Fair in the Park

Aqua Kick BloomSummer wouldn’t be summer without A Fair in the Park. I’ve often thought of the event as an Affair in the Park because it is so easy to fall in love with the vibrant colors and expression oozing from everyone there.  It is a delightful tradition that artfully escorts us in the direction of the seasons to come.

100 new blooms have been grown for the Fair this Friday – Sunday at Mellon Park.

Friday 1:00PM – 7:00PM   Saturday 10:00AM – 8:00PM  Sunday 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Come wander through the garden and harvest some blossoms to plant in your gardens and home that will forever be Still Blooming.

Star Bloom

Blooming at South Side Works Exposed

Petunias 7-14-13The South Side of Pittsburgh hosted an Arts and Music Festival this past weekend, South Side Works Exposed.  I had a surprise invitation to participate.  Still Blooming was planted next to a batch of the most lovely petunias.  What a perfect spot!

Next show?  A Fair in the Park ~ Mellon Park, 5th and Shady Avenue ~  September 6, 7, and 8

The Super Moon


Oh my!  The Super Moon truly was super as it blanketed my yard and gardens with its glow.  Not even the lightening bugs could match the magic.  The blooms in my garden mimicked the moon’s mission and shared the festival of light.  Their colors shifted as the moon traveled from my side to front yard. Each one stood tall acknowledging the wonder of a full moon almost settling down amongst them for a brief conversation.  I do believe the moon was delightfully surprised as it was greeted with flowers that even in the night were Still Blooming

Growing Gardens

Still Blooming made it to the Post-Gazette.  Check this out!


The Three Rivers Arts Festival was a huge success for Still Blooming.  The weather was a gift filled with sunshine and clouds just when I needed their shade, and a great deal of festival goers walking through the garden that is Still Blooming.  Blooms and bouquets were harvested and people delighted in “the happy booth.”  I am in the process of replanting and growing a new crop of blooms.  Please feel free to come wander into my studio.  I will be there most days throughout the summer.  If I am not in the studio, I am generally available for a spontaneous trip to meet you there.  Just give me a call.  Any chance you will be in Buffalo, NY at the end of this month? I am showing at the National Garden Arts Festival on June 30th.

~ Three Rivers Arts Festival ~


During the Three Rivers Arts Festival, Penn Avenue will be ablaze with color in the garden full of flowers that will be Still Blooming on June 8th and 9th.  Come wander into the garden and pick a bloom for you, your friends and other loved ones.  Booth 125 on Penn Avenue.

Is there a couple in your life that is celebrating a summer wedding? You could pick or grow them a Bridal Bloom. You can harvest a bloom already grown or create a bloom for them from a piece of both his and her family china or even everyday dishes hybridizing them into one bloom marking the beginning of their new garden sown together.

If you just can’t figure out the perfect bloom for someone else, give them a Blooming Experience.  You can join them at Still Blooming‘s studio in Point Breeze and let them create their own bloom.  Gift Certificates are always available.

Chalk Board