Still Blooming has blossomed in the East End of Pittsburgh.  I have moved out of my basement, out of my son’s room, out of the dining room, out from under the coffee table in the living room, and out of my sitting room, into a studio. A real studio! Fortune befell me when a Pittsburgh ceramicist, Sam Newbury, shared the news of his finding affordable studio space in a building undergoing a transformation. And now I too, find myself in the old, 200,000 square foot, Mine Safety Appliance building on the corner of Penn and Braddock Avenues. I landed in the NW corner with floor to ceiling windows. Stacks of crystal and glass of all colors are vibrating in the waves of sunlight rolling through the windows.

I am in the studio more often than not and look forward to visitors dropping by to walk about the blossoms that are, Still Blooming.

Please call to confirm I am in the studio and not out shopping for bloom fixings.



Come see the After shot!




2 responses to “

  • Trish

    Shut the front door!! Awesome!!! One of these days I am most definitely stopping by!

  • Debra

    I really enjoyed visiting your studio yesterday. It is so bright and cheerful with all those blooms! You’ve done an amazing job with the space! I see lots of visitors in your future!

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