The Northeast has turned into to a large, community steam bath. Summer pushed spring aside rather quickly this year. The heat and humidity have made themselves quite comfortable while the rest of us continue to stew in their juices.  With the exception of 3 gerbera daisy plants I relied on the framework of woody ornamentals and perennials planted the year before to come back and own the gardens. Two of last year’s tomato varieties and many of the annuals volunteered in this year’s garden event. I am convinced that the perpetual blooms from Still Blooming planted in early spring invited all the plants to join the warming light and air above ground. Slowly they were coaxed out of their winter beds and the barren earth began to sprout fresh green, the soft purple of hostas and the bronze of the fern’s fiddleheads. I was delighted when the gladiolus purchased and planted last fall began to break ground.

The bag of gladiola bulbs sported a lovely photo that lured me into buying the delicately colored flowers-to-be appropriately named Pink Blush. I thought they would be the perfect respite for the eyes in and amongst the vibrant cutting garden and sunflower collections. The first one to show color hinted white. I figured it would turn pink as it began to open. It didn’t. The next gladiola to follow was neither white or pink. It was chartreuse. A beautiful sun-kissed spring green. As each gladiola’s buds plumped and unfolded a different color was exposed and none of them were pink! Not one! The front gardens are sparked with coral, white, chartreuse, yellow chiffon and today, the most brilliant crimson. The beds are ablaze with sublime regality.

Determined to get my pink I planted delicately colored, vintage, perpetual blooms including the negligee pink I so wanted earlier!

Save water this hot, hot summer and get the color you want in your garden. Plant the perpetual blooms from

Still Blooming!















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