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Something To Be Sure Of

No matter what else goes on in your world, you can always depend on the arrival of the Vernal Equinox and the change of seasons, even if in your corner of the garden spring is recognized only with a turning of the calendar page. Despite this being March, here in southwestern Pennsylvania the calendar seems to be missing March through May because we are 20-30 degrees above normal and have had days, yes, days, in the high 70s. Poor Mother Nature is still trying to figure out where her wild winter child left its ice, snow and whipping wind. It seems to have lost these toys along its journey from fall’s lair to its own. So now, the confused root children have been awakened and are doing their catlike morning stretches reaching further into the softening ground while pushing perennials’ shoots up through the layers of fallen leaves and compost that dressed the beds for the scheduled, but absent, winter weather. Primroses and crocus first broke the silence of the season accompanying the songs of so many birds. The brightness of forsythia, the corals of quince and the softness of pussy willows are next to introduce themselves to each other in the garden. They are the final notes in the overture of the spring and summer symphony. Neighbors are washing porches and lawn furniture and the grills have been fired up releasing the scent of the season’s first barbecue down the streets and through backyards. Under the gentle greens of the tree’s first leaves and amidst the sunlit nips of color along the branches of woody ornamentals, Still Blooming’s perpetual blooms are in full glory as the rest of spring grows to embrace their myriad of textures and hues from crystal, glass, aluminum and porcelain petals.  Amongst the equinox and the coming of spring, the sun rising and setting, we can also count on the perpetual bloom’s subtle and bright delight that grace all seasons and will always be Still Blooming.