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Growing Gardens

Still Blooming made it to the Post-Gazette.  Check this out!


The Three Rivers Arts Festival was a huge success for Still Blooming.  The weather was a gift filled with sunshine and clouds just when I needed their shade, and a great deal of festival goers walking through the garden that is Still Blooming.  Blooms and bouquets were harvested and people delighted in “the happy booth.”  I am in the process of replanting and growing a new crop of blooms.  Please feel free to come wander into my studio.  I will be there most days throughout the summer.  If I am not in the studio, I am generally available for a spontaneous trip to meet you there.  Just give me a call.  Any chance you will be in Buffalo, NY at the end of this month? I am showing at the National Garden Arts Festival on June 30th.

~ Three Rivers Arts Festival ~


During the Three Rivers Arts Festival, Penn Avenue will be ablaze with color in the garden full of flowers that will be Still Blooming on June 8th and 9th.  Come wander into the garden and pick a bloom for you, your friends and other loved ones.  Booth 125 on Penn Avenue.

Is there a couple in your life that is celebrating a summer wedding? You could pick or grow them a Bridal Bloom. You can harvest a bloom already grown or create a bloom for them from a piece of both his and her family china or even everyday dishes hybridizing them into one bloom marking the beginning of their new garden sown together.

If you just can’t figure out the perfect bloom for someone else, give them a Blooming Experience.  You can join them at Still Blooming‘s studio in Point Breeze and let them create their own bloom.  Gift Certificates are always available.

Chalk Board

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Every day should be Mother’s Day, and staying on that train of thought, Father’s Day, too. We do not need one specific day to shower our parents and guardians with the love and appreciation for their shelter gifted us through each day and night.  Yes, even when we are adults.  They may leave us to our own rhythms and choices respecting the responsibilities and privileges that come with maturation, but our hearts are gently resting in theirs.  Yet, there is a special day when we pull out all the stops and gleefully shout, “Happy Mother’s Day”! “Happy Father’s Day!” Acknowledge your appreciation with a unique bloom that, like your love, will always be Still Blooming.

There are three opportunities for picking just the right bloom for your mother this coming Friday and/or Saturday, May 10th and/or 11th (the days right before Mother’s Day) with full details under the Events tab:

May Market and National Public Gardens’ Day

May 10 and 11, 2013

Friday, 9:30am to 7pm & Saturday, 9:30am to 5pm

Garden Fest (Fox Chapel)

May 11, 2013

9:00am to 2:30pm

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden’s  Plant Sale and Celebration

Saturday May 11, 2013

8:30am to 2:00pm

Yes, some roses are red,
   yet in a week, those flowers are dead.
For a kiss that says it all,
   give blooms that will always stand tall.

In your hands is a gift from thee;

a blossom that always will be… Still Blooming.

Valentine's Star Bloom

The flower filled Still Blooming studio is open for Valentine’s Day Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:30PM until, well until the lights turn out.  Give me a call to make an appointment or if you are in the area drop by after 3:30PM. 412-216-1739.

201 N. Braddock Ave in Point Breeze 15208.

If you would like to come on Thursday you will need to let me know in advance.

The entrance to the building is on Thomas Avenue right off Braddock and two streets up from Penn Ave.  The parking lot is lit.

 Happy Valentine’s Day to all you sweethearts.

Swirling Valentine Bloom

For the Birds

For the Birds

A spa for the birds

It’s blooming December! How did that happen?

warm winter blooms

I am not sure how it happened, but the calendar turned another page to reveal December.   Now that it’s here I guess we should embrace it.  Before you know it, autumn will fly away and winter will officially be here with its full icy regalia.  There may even be some crows cawing to usher the cold and snow into our yards.   Closing the drapes to keep the outside out and the inside in is right around the corner.  The heart of each home will keep us warm until the thaw eases its way back into our gardens.  One way to keep the light of spring and summer in a corner of your home is to fill it with the layered petals of a blossom from Still Blooming.  They will glisten in candlelight, firelight and even the silver light of early winter mornings.  Plant a blossom filled with the light of all seasons that will forever be, Still Blooming.


Look At Me Bloom

Look At Me Bloom