Still Blooming is Being Transplanted!



Still Blooming is being transplanted! For oh-so-many reasons, I am closing my studio in Point Breeze. I will still be growing blooms though my current plans for showings are still up in the air. I am studying for my licensing board exams in Counseling Psychology and hopefully, working full time as a mental health therapist!

So….I thought I would have the final harvesting of 2015 and sell the blooms, some newly grown, at 35% off. (I need to pay for those Board Exams!) I will be in my studio packing up until January 2nd. You are welcomed any time, day or night. Please call first to make sure I am not ignoring the task at hand! (Prices after 35% discount $17 – $45.50)

201 N. Braddock Ave. Pittsburgh 15208  412 216 1739
New blooms being cultivated are still in the greenhouse. They include hard-wired lighting, sconces and ceiling lights and tabletop fountains.

Remember, too, that you may always request a custom bloom. They are unique gifts; Bridal Blooms, Heirloom Blooms, Fleur-de-Fun, and more!


Thank you for a great year. 2016 is on our heels and I do believe it will be Still Blooming!

Tina Marie Goff ~



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