Amber-Kissed BloomMay 15th is the last frost date in Western Pennsylvania. This means Mother Nature has theoretically ended the freezing air temperatures and that the ground is now ready to welcome newly sown seeds and their new shoots. However some seeds may rot in the too wet ground and the flowers to follow may themselves wilt and fry in the hot summer sun or drying winds. The glass and metal blooms from Still Blooming will not fall prey to the soggy clay soils of this region nor the humid and intense August heat that is bound to catch up to us. The blooms will hold their color through Autumn and beyond. And remember, no watering! What more could we ask of our gardens than never-ending color that will always be Still Blooming.

Butler Spring Home and Garden Show  – Alameda Park Butler  

May 17 – 9am – 4pm

Beachwood-Lyndhurst Art Festival Legacy Village – Cleveland, OH

Show Dates: 5/31/14 – 6/1/14

Three Rivers Arts Festival 2014 – Penn Ave. Booth 123 Pittsburgh, PA

Show Dates: 6/6/14 -6/7/14

Butler Garden Club Summer Garden Party Butler Country Club

June 19 – 9:30am

SouthSide Works Exposed – South Side Works, Pittsburgh PA

Show Dates: 7/11- 7/13

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