Simplify. Prioritize. Treasure.

Copper Sea Bloom

Some years the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day seem to snow ball and continue rolling faster and faster and then, all of a sudden the holiday season stops. And sometimes I emerge asking myself, “Where did all the time go? Where did all the days go?”

Treasure the season celebrating the bounty of old and new friends and family and arrive at the start of the New Year grateful for the love and friendship shared and exhilarated by the laughter and the promises to move forward.

Prioritize by making your time full of whatever warmth you and your loved ones want and need. And then, share it.

Simplify. For many, gift giving is a large part of sharing his or her love with others. Hostess gifts, Secret Santas, and teacher’s gifts need not be a challenge. Give a unique bloom that will be Still Blooming throughout the year. Stuff a Christmas stocking with a Gift Certificate for a Blooming Experience. The recipient and any that want to join them can come to my studio and select a bloom already grown or they may grow their gown by gathering a favorite ‘seed’ amongst the colored glass and I will grow a bloom just for them.

I will be in my studio throughout the balance of December welcoming any and all. All blooms will be 15% off and if you are paying with cash or check take an extra 10% off. That’s 25% off during December. Aren’t plant sales wonderful?

Give me a call or text me, 412-216-1739.

I wish each of you a winter season full of love and light. And remember, each of us is Still Blooming and I hope we never stop!


Tina Marie Goff


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