Growing Gardens

Still Blooming made it to the Post-Gazette.  Check this out!


The Three Rivers Arts Festival was a huge success for Still Blooming.  The weather was a gift filled with sunshine and clouds just when I needed their shade, and a great deal of festival goers walking through the garden that is Still Blooming.  Blooms and bouquets were harvested and people delighted in “the happy booth.”  I am in the process of replanting and growing a new crop of blooms.  Please feel free to come wander into my studio.  I will be there most days throughout the summer.  If I am not in the studio, I am generally available for a spontaneous trip to meet you there.  Just give me a call.  Any chance you will be in Buffalo, NY at the end of this month? I am showing at the National Garden Arts Festival on June 30th.


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