It’s blooming December! How did that happen?

warm winter blooms

I am not sure how it happened, but the calendar turned another page to reveal December.   Now that it’s here I guess we should embrace it.  Before you know it, autumn will fly away and winter will officially be here with its full icy regalia.  There may even be some crows cawing to usher the cold and snow into our yards.   Closing the drapes to keep the outside out and the inside in is right around the corner.  The heart of each home will keep us warm until the thaw eases its way back into our gardens.  One way to keep the light of spring and summer in a corner of your home is to fill it with the layered petals of a blossom from Still Blooming.  They will glisten in candlelight, firelight and even the silver light of early winter mornings.  Plant a blossom filled with the light of all seasons that will forever be, Still Blooming.



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